Genshin Impact – Best Name Suggestions For the Wanderer

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Here are some of the best name suggestions you might want to take into consideration before naming the Wanderer in Genshin Impact.

Best Name Suggestions For the Wanderer in Genshin Impact

Wanderer Best Name Suggestions


The Ruler of the Winds, as described in Homer’s Greek epic Odyssey. He initially offers Odysseus assistance but eventually sends him and his crew away.


The name of the Japanese God of the Wind. As soon as Scaramouche was confirmed to be Anemo as a playable character, people began to draw parallels between him and the Raiden Shogun, who is inspired by Raijin, Fujin’s brother and the God of Thunder. He keeps smirking and feeling superior to everyone else in his new identity, so naming him after a god is a fitting choice.


Because Hoyoverse is so eager to reference Queen in his lore, let’s do it ourselves. Mercury is Hermes’ Roman equivalent, referring to Queen’s legendary vocalist Freddie Mercury. Hermes is the messenger for the Greek gods, and he is known for his speed, which may be a reference to the wind itself.


A reference to the book series The Kingkiller Chronicles. Kvothe is the protagonist who vows to find the wind’s true name because those who know it will rule over it. Wanderer would fit in this universe as someone who knows the name and would never share it.


Susanoo is known as the God of Storms and the Sea. While there is no direct link between Scaramouche and Hydro, he does share some of Susanoo’s characteristics, such as his impulsiveness and short-tempered behavior. Wanderer also works well with Hydro supports, which is a nice coincidence.


Zephyrus is also the name of the god of the West Wind. He was Eros’ servant and had numerous wives. Bonus points for the fact that his Roman equivalent was named Favonius.


Following the Archon naming rules, why not give a man who briefly attained godhood an Ars Goetia demon name? Vine is one of the Goethia’s Kings who creates storms in order to cause havoc and discover hidden things, such as the past, present, and future themselves. If we don’t get any characters with that name, it should be valid.