Fortnite x Nike Collaboration Returns with Airphoria Volume 2 Release Date and Cosmetics

Remember the epic collaboration with Nike that brought us awesome outfits and a super fun Creative map? Well, dust off your sneakers because it’s back for round two!

Fortnite x Nike Collaboration Returns with Airphoria Volume 2 Release Date

The news comes courtesy of a leak by popular Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, who spotted the info in an Instagram reel by Twitch streamer Jalon. Jalon received a pair of Air Max Dn’s as part of a partnership with Nike for the launch of the new shoes and the Fortnite Airphoria Vol. 2 event.

According to a pamphlet included with the sneakers, the in-game event will bring a fresh wave of content to Fortnite, including:

  • Multiple new game modes
  • Fresh outfits to rock
  • Exciting emotes to express yourself with
  • A variety of cosmetics to deck out your character

This event seems centered around the launch of Nike’s next-gen Air technology, and it’s all set to drop in-game on March 26, 2024. This conveniently coincides with the release of Fortnite’s v29.10 update, so expect the event to be part of the patch.

fortnite nike airphoria 2

The hype is already building, considering the massive success of the previous collaboration. Players loved the unique skins and the creative map, and even got a free Air Max 1 Back Bling for participating. With this much anticipation, it’s safe to say Nike and Fortnite might have another giveaway up their sleeves.

This surprise collab comes just as fans were gearing up for the rumored Avatar crossover. But hey, who can resist another chance to snag some fresh Nike gear and experience a brand new Airphoria adventure? Let the games (and the shopping!) begin!

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