Fall Guys x Fortnite Collaboration Release Date: Build Your Own Bean Battles in UEFN

Calling all Fall Guys fans! The rumors swirling since December were true – those adorable jelly bean competitors are tumbling into Fortnite’s Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) this May!

About Fall Guys

For those new to the bean-tastic world, Fall Guys (formerly Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout) is a free-to-play platform battle royale. Up to 40 players control these adorable, jelly bean-shaped characters and compete in a series of wacky mini-games. Each round throws a new obstacle course or survival challenge your way, with players getting eliminated as the rounds progress. The last bean standing is crowned the ultimate Fall Guy!

Fall Guys x Fortnite Collaboration Release Date

Fall Guys is set to arrive in Fortnite’s UEFN (Unreal Editor for Fortnite) by May 2024. This means players can unleash their creativity and craft their own custom Fall Guys obstacle courses within Fortnite. Epic Games even teased what these user-generated Fall Guys experiences might look like on X (formerly known as Twitter).

fortnite fall guys

Fortnite’s Creative Future

The Fall Guys crossover isn’t the only exciting news. Epic Games also announced a shift in how future Fortnite seasons, starting in 2025, will be crafted. Instead of the traditional development methods, these seasons will be built entirely within the creative mode.

This decision has some players worried, considering the mixed reactions to the recent fracture event, which was also created in Creative. Can Epic Games learn from this and deliver future seasons that truly capture the magic of Fortnite? Only time will tell!

So, mark your calendars for May 2024 and get ready to see Fall Guys take on a whole new life within Fortnite’s UEFN! And who knows, maybe you’ll even design the next legendary Fall Guys course that everyone will be raving about.