Latest Fortnite Promo Code & How to Redeem Them (April 2024)

Fortnite never fails to keep things fresh, showering players with exciting content and, of course, those coveted promo codes to unlock some sweet freebies. This month is no different, so get ready to grab some goodies and enhance your battle experience!

Current Fortnite Promo Codes

  • As of now, there are no active codes available.

Expired Fortnite Promo Codes

While these codes are no longer active, keep them in mind for future reference!

  • 7A8D4-XAVA4-GYL72-3Y2MK

How to Redee Your Fortnite Goodies

Claiming your January bounty is a breeze! Just follow these simple steps:

Epic Games Launcher

  1. Launch the Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Log in to your Epic Games account.
  3. Click your username in the top right corner.
  4. Select “Redeem Code.”
  5. Enter the code and click “Redeem.”
  6. Bask in the glory of your newly acquired loot!

Fortnite promo codes
Epic Games Store

  1. Open your trusty web browser.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Log in to your Epic Games account.
  4. Hover your mouse over your username and click “Redeem Code.”
  5. Enter the code and click “Redeem.”
  6. Witness the magic as your game library welcomes a shiny new addition (or a healthy dose of V-Bucks)

Once you’ve completed these steps and followed any on-screen instructions, your rewards should be waiting for you in your Epic Games account. If you don’t see them right away, don’t fret! Simply restart your game and voila – victory awaits!

So, there you have it! Fuel your Fortnite adventures with these promo codes and unleash your inner champion. Remember, new codes may drop throughout the month, so keep your eyes peeled on official Fortnite channels! Stay frosty, warriors!