Fortnite Update on the Way, Plus a Leaked Nameplate Revamp

Fortnite fans are always eager for the next big thing, and leaks often provide a glimpse into what Epic Games has in store. This time around, we have two key leaks: a release date for the next update and details on a potential nameplate redesign.

Small Update Incoming on May 14th

Leaker ShiinaBR, known for their accuracy, revealed the next update before Chapter 5 Season 3 arrives. This update, v29.40, lands on May 14th, but don’t expect a content explosion. Shiina warns it’ll likely be a minor patch, with no new skins or major changes.

This might be a bummer, but remember, Chapter 5 Season 3 launches on June 13th. Epic’s probably saving the best stuff for the new season. So, temper your expectations for the May update – it’s more like a pre-season tune-up.

New Nameplates is Coming to Fortnite

While the May update might be light on content, another leak from Hypex, the king of Fortnite leaks, hints at exciting new features in the pipeline. Hypex revealed screenshots of a work-in-progress nameplate redesign. These new nameplates will display fascinating details like secondary nicknames, player status, and even a “game name.”

fortnite nameplate
Image via @HYPEX

This “game name” addition suggests easier connections between Epic Games accounts. Maybe a feature to switch seamlessly between Fortnite and other Epic titles like Fall Guys and Rocket League is on the horizon?

While there’s no confirmed release date for this nameplate overhaul, it’s expected to arrive within a couple of months. The next season launch seems like a perfect time to unveil such a significant change.

The community’s reaction to this revamp remains to be seen. Fortnite players aren’t always thrilled with changes, so Epic might face some initial resistance.

With a minor update on the way and a potential nameplate shakeup, Fortnite keeps things interesting. Keep your eyes peeled for more leaks as we approach Chapter 5 Season 3!