FaZe Swagg bets ass tattoo to get MW2 Joker & Spiderman skins

FaZe Swagg bet that if the developers add Joker and Spiderman skins to Warzone 2 and MW2, he’ll get an ass tattoo.

FaZe Swagg bets ass tattoo to get MW2 Joker & Spiderman skins

Swagg has recently requested that the developers implement two fan-made skin concepts, the Joker and Spider-Man, in anticipation of the upcoming Season 2 of MW 2. These skins combine the FaZe Clan’s trademark masked designs and body armor with a gun sling and weaponry reminiscent of Call of Duty, and the member of the FaZe Clan boasted on Twitter that he would get another ass tattoo for them.
Comicbook Content, a TikTok user, is the brains behind these fan-made skin concepts. Both of these designs have been well received by Call of Duty fans, with Swagg’s tweet currently boasting over 17,000 likes.FaZe Swagg MW2 TattooThis request, however, appears difficult to grant for a number of reasons. One of them is that The Joker and Spider-Man are from different DC and Marvel franchises, so Activision would have to launch two separate crossovers. Given that there hasn’t been a single official crossover in Call of Duty’s new era, bringing two of the most prominent comic book characters to the FPS shooter franchise may be a stretch.I

t’s not impossible, though, since Epic Games covered both of these crossovers in Fortnite and King Kong and Godzilla have appeared in previous Call of Duty deals, but it might be a while before we see another inked gluteus maximus.

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