How to Complete Mall Rat Mission in MW2 DMZ

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This guide provides an overview of the Mall Rat mission in MW2 DMZ as well as instructions on how to complete them.

MW2 DMZ Mall Rat Mission

The Mall Rat mission is a White Lotus faction mission of tier three. It rewards completion with a double weapon XP token and 10,000 experience points. There are two subtasks that must be completed to complete the mission, and they are as follows:

  • Kill 20 enemies in the Sa’id City mall without being downed
  • Kill three Operators in the Sa’id City mall

While these tasks appear simple at first glance, they are deceptively simple and can become a real headache if approached incorrectly.

How to complete it 

While the two subtasks are relatively simple on their own, the difficulty lies in entering the mall and luring other players to your location.MW2 DMZ Mall Rat MissionThere are two ways to gain access to the mall. The first is through the front door, but you will need the Al Sa’id Shopping Centre key, which is obviously difficult to find and keep.

The second method, on the other hand, does not require the key and is arguably a bit safer as well. As soon as you exit the ramp, go to the top level of the parking lot next to the mall and look left. You should be able to see the roof of the mall, allowing you to jump right over and tackle things from above. 

There are quite a few tougher AI enemies in this area, including those with riot shields, so be sure to come prepared and proceed cautiously, as the last thing you want is to be at 19 kills and suddenly be eliminated.

As soon as you reach the top of the parking lot, the mission will begin. However, some players have provided anecdotal evidence suggesting otherwise. In addition, there have been conflicting reports regarding whether any kill made from the mall counts, such as long-range sniper kills from the mall’s roof to another location. To be safe, try to stick to kills within the mall to avoid any additional headaches.The other major issue that many players have encountered while attempting to complete the MW2 DMZ Mall Rat mission is getting other operators to appear. It’s all well and good infiltrating the mall safely and getting your 20 AI kills, but if you don’t see any other players, you’ll be a little stuck.

Aside from pure luck and determination, it appears that using a clever bit of bait is the best course of action. Getting the weapons case from the Juggernaut (or killing the player who did it first) can serve as a draw for other players to come straight to the mall.

All you have to do is drop the weapons case, take a good stance, and hope that someone is foolish enough to walk right into your sights. If possible, move after each kill, as groups can easily flush you out once they figure out your strategy.

That concludes our guide to the Mall Rat mission in MW2 DMZ.