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‘Fast & Furious 6’ Beats ‘The Hangover III’ at the Box Office!


In news that really can’t be that surprising, it seems people are still more interested in ‘Fast & Furious’ than ‘The Hangover’. The car themed franchise may be on to its sixth installment now but that didn’t appear to turn people off as they hit the theaters to see the latest film, pushing ‘The Hangover III’ down to second place in the box office, which isn’t so bad considering the scathing reviews it has received from critics who appear to be completely fed up of the regurgitated jokes/scenarios/punchlines that were at least somewhat fresh in the first ‘Hangover’ installment. Critics argued that the second Hangover film now seemed almost good compared to the freshly released final film which just fell completely flat and seemed to have left no one amused with one critic stating: “If only what happened in Vegas had stayed in Vegas”. Ouch.

Does it even matter what the plot of the new ‘Fast & Furious 6’ film is? It probably just involved faced paced action, some jokes and a little slice of crime – don’t they all? Still, it sounds much better than whatever happens in ‘The Hangover’ which apparently had to resort to decapitating giraffes for giggles – sounds super funny.

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