Best Bang for Your Buck: Ranking the Apex Legends Artifact Branches

Apex Legends Season 21 introduced a new way to personalize your Legend: Apex Artifacts!  But with so many options, which branch should you upgrade first? Let’s break it down and rank them all!

Ranking the Best Apex Artifact Branches in Apex Legends

Just like Heirlooms, Apex Artifacts are purely cosmetic melee weapons that alter your Deathbox appearance. They won’t give you an in-game edge, but they’ll definitely make you stand out. You can snag them with Exotic Shards, either from the Battle Pass or the store.

Here’s a breakdown of all six Artifact branches, ranked from most eye-catching to, well, less so (but still potentially perfect for your style):

  1. Nitride: Taking the top spot is the Nitride branch. The vibrant purple lightning theme screams power and presence. Whether you’re striking down enemies or dropping a Deathbox that demands attention, Nitride makes a bold statement.
  2. Cobalt: A close contender is Cobalt, the first branch you unlock. Its classic, battle-worn aesthetic perfectly captures the spirit of Apex Legends. The lightning-themed metal feels nostalgic and undeniably Apex.
  3. Molten: Calling all fire enthusiasts! The Molten branch delivers a robust, fiery look. Imagine Gibraltar or Caustic wielding this molten weapon – pure intimidation. The Deathbox could be more imposing, but the overall theme is fantastic for those who love a hot entrance.
  4. Rhodium: This branch offers a unique and elegant option. The sleek design paired with the regal gold, white, and red color scheme makes you feel like royalty. While Rhodium might not be the most aggressive choice, the Deathbox design is truly stunning.
  5. Gladius: Gladius boasts a sleek color scheme and a hint of gold for a stately look. However, the Deathbox design feels a bit clunky and doesn’t quite match the overall elegance.
  6. Electrum: While the “cyber” theme of the Electrum branch holds some appeal, it ultimately feels a bit uninspired compared to the other options. It’s a decent pick for those who love a futuristic vibe, but you might find yourself wanting something more distinct.
Apex Legends Artifact Branches
Image via Electronic Arts

While this ranking provides a guide, the best branch for you is ultimately a matter of personal preference. Do you crave a sleek and regal style? Or maybe a fiery intensity is more your thing? Explore the different branches, see what speaks to you, and unleash your inner legend with the perfect Apex Artifact!