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Fans of Maya Jama are shocked to see the star’s mother, “who looks your age,” in a newly released video

This past week, Maya Jama shared on her TikTok a video in which her mother appears in a supporting role.

When admirers of Maya Jama see her mother in a rare video, they are shocked because she “looks your age”

(Source: TikTok/@Maya Jama)

Maya Jama’s latest TikTok video with her rarely seen mom Sadie, who fans think looks to be the same age as Maya, shocked viewers.

Maya, 28, has been a household name when she replaced Laura Whitmore as host of Love Island, and her fame has spread to the world of social media. She currently has 586,000 followers on TikTok and 5.2 million likes on her videos.

The presenter wowed viewers this week by including her rarely seen mother, Sadie, 46, in a TikTok video in which Maya can be seen lip syncing to the hit song “Stacey’s Mother” by Fountains of Wayne.

Maya was seen getting her hair done while dressed in a white robe and with a full face of glam makeup.

Her mother, meanwhile, was just lovely in a camel jacket over a white top.

Her daughter’s hair was brushed to one side of her face, but her mother’s makeup was much more subtle.”

When your mum is a lengerz,” Maya wrote as the video’s caption.

The fact that Sadie could be fooled for Maya’s sister prompted a frenzy of excitement among fans who saw how much alike the two women look.

(Source: TikTok/@Maya Jama)

“You take after Mum,” someone said. “Stunning on Jonathan Ross.”

A third person commented, “Wow, you’re mum is lush!” while a second person remarked, “She could honestly be your age wow.”

“It all makes sense now, so stunning.” a fourth supporter said.

“Oh my god the most beautiful mum I’ve ever seen in my life spitting image of each other,” said a fifth TikTok member.

Maya lived with her mother in Bristol until she was eighteen, at which point she moved to London to begin a career in the media as an actor, and later as a presenter and model.

For the previous eight weeks, the star has been constantly on the move to and from South Africa, where she hosted Love Island.


Tom Clare and Sami Elishi, Shaq Muhammad and Tanya Manhenga, Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins, and Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan all joined the star in South Africa for the dating phenomenon’s live television finale.

The host wowed in a plum dress with a damp effect, earning rave reviews from viewers at the final.

Maya’s dress and hair started flying around during the series finale, distracting viewers and making them worry about the safety of the host.

The wind may have slowed things down a bit, but the cast and crew were able to successfully announce Kai and Sanam as the champions of the 2023 winter series.

On Sunday, March 19, fans will finally get to see the much-anticipated reunion that Maya will also be hosting for Love Island.