Fortnite Midas Event: Release Date, Leaks, Floor is Lava LTM , and What to Expect

The rumors are swirling – the golden touch himself, Midas, might be making a grand return to the island in an upcoming event! Here’s a breakdown of everything we know (with a pinch of speculation) about the Fortnite Midas event, including its potential release date and expected content.

Fortnite Midas Event Release Date

The official release date remains shrouded in mystery. While Epic Games hasn’t confirmed anything yet, dataminers speculate the event could arrive next week, following the 29.01 update. Remember, this is just speculation, so take it with a grain of salt. Regardless, expect the Midas event to happen sometime within Chapter 5 Season 2.

What to Expect in the Midas Event

Midas’ Grand Escape

Leaks suggest the event will mark Midas’ return to the storyline, separate from the upcoming Floor is Lava LTM. According to the lore, Midas is currently trapped in the Underworld. This event could be his dramatic escape, freeing him to rejoin the world of the living. The leaks hint at a hidden passage to his prison being revealed near the Midas statue at The Marigold landmark.

fortnite midas release date
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Digging into the Data

Dataminers discovered an event flag named “Event_S29_MidasActivation,” which heavily suggests Midas will play a central role. Additionally, rumors swirl about the return of Midas’ iconic Drum Gun. Expect it to be a Mythic weapon, obtainable only by defeating Midas himself.

More to the Mayhem?

The popular Floor is Lava LTM is also expected to make a comeback, likely lasting for the duration of the event, adding a fiery twist to the battle royale experience.

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