Emma Watson Says She is in “so Much Discomfort” on the Red Carpet


‘The Bling Ring’ actress Emma Watson has revealed that a walk on the red carpet is incredibly nerve-wracking because there is so much to think about. She often does a test run to make sure she won’t have a wardrobe malfunction which includes a sitting and standing test, as well as a flash test to make sure her outfit isn’t see-through. She also says that often she isn’t comfortable and has to walk in sore shoes and a restricting dress:

”Getting ready for an event can feel like a lot of pressure. You have to consider, ‘Will people see up my skirt? If a flash goes off, can you see through this?’ So I’ll do a test sitting, a test standing … It’s nerve-racking. People really scrutinize…  On the red carpet, I’m usually in so much discomfort – my shoes are uncomfortable, I can’t breathe in the dress. I don’t compromise like that in my everyday style.”

Speaking on ethically made clothing, Emma says she doesn’t understand why it hasn’t already become the norm for all clothing. She believes people need to be more conscious of the materials they use when they’re creating a fashion item because she doesn’t think it should only be a specialty:

”Maybe there would be fewer problems if we were really conscious of where and how things were made. We don’t support slave labour in this country, so we shouldn’t support those conditions in other countries.  I can’t wrap my head around why ethical clothing is a speciality and not a base standard. Why is it special to have something you know wasn’t made under terrible conditions by a 12-year-old girl for 20 pence an hour?”