5 Actors Who Don’t Want to be Typecast

Actors and actresses can quickly become typecast if they star in similar roles more than once or twice: they become known for a particular genre or type of character, and might continue to get offers from filmmakers for similar parts as a result. These 5 celebrities say they don’t want to be typecast and have done their best to shake off any ideas they think people might have formed of them, taking on unique roles each time or opting for something completely different.

Jessica Alba


Jessica admits she always gets the same kind of scripts offered to her: “The scripts I get are always for the whore, or the motorcycle chick in leather, or the horny maid. I get all those screenplays that start, ‘Tawnya is in the shower. The water streams down her naked, perky breasts.’ Somehow, I don’t think this is happening to Natalie Portman.”