Emma Roberts flaunts her freshly pierced ears, done by celebrity piercer Daniel Ruiz, who also works with Demi Lovato and Lucy Hale

On Thursday, Emma Roberts posted a slideshow to the EF COLLECTION jewelry brand’s website, proudly displaying her fresh ear piercing.

Emma Roberts shows off her newly pierced ears by celebrity piercer Daniel Ruiz, who also pierces Demi Lovato’s and Lucy Hale’s ears

Emma Roberts flaunts her freshly pierced ears, done by celebrity piercer Daniel Ruiz, who also works with Demi Lovato and Lucy Hale

Emma’s new piercing was performed by celebrity piercer Daniel Ruiz, who has also worked with Demi Lovato and Lucy Hale.

The 32-year-old actress recently got a third piercing in the same spot on her right earlobe as the previous two.

A brief video clip captured the moment when Ruiz pierced Emma’s ear with a cute stud earring in the shape of a raspberry set with fuchsia stones.

She reposted the video on her Instagram Story and included a photo that provided a closer look for her over 20 million followers.

After enduring the agony of getting her ears pierced, Emma and her stylist Brit Elkin shopped the extensive range of earrings at EF COLLECTION.

“New piercing means new jewels,” she said as the caption to one of her posts. In another thread, Ruiz was lauded for his efforts.

“@mrprickrichink killed it!” She then tagged Elkin and EF COLLECTION in her post.

The Unfabulous actress was given a personalized earring box by the jewelry company, complete with her name carved in gold.

Currently, Emma has three earrings in her right ear: a raspberry-shaped stud, a small gold hoop, and a diamond stud. Now, there are only two holes pierced in her left ear.

Emma posted a sweet childhood snapshot of herself in a limousine when she was only a wee one earlier today.

“Cover of my unwritten memoir #throwbackthursday,” she wrote as the caption.

The gorgeous niece of Julia Roberts has had a very active month.

In March, she started off in Paris for Fashion Week before heading back to Los Angeles for the Oscars’ 95th anniversary celebration.

Emma attended the most sought-after event in Hollywood, the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, alongside other A-listers including Kendall Jenner and Jessica Chastain.

She wore a one-of-a-kind black Dolce & Gabbana gown with a mesh cape and a black lace bodice.

On March 8, she and her boyfriend Cody John celebrated his birthday together, and she posted a touching Instagram tribute in his honor.

They made it Instagram official last summer, only a few months after she ended her three-year relationship with actor Garrett Hedlund, 38.

Rhodes, Emma and Garret’s 2-year-old son, returned to the family in 2020.

Garrett was reportedly arrested for misdemeanor public intoxication in Tennessee shortly after the news of their breakup became public and released on $2,100 bond.

Shortly after Emma’s April 2019 separation from her on-again, off-again fiancé and fellow American Horror Story star Evan Peters, 35, rumors began to circulate that Garrett and Emma were an item.

In October, a source revealed that Emma and her new beau Cody are “going things slow” with Rhodes.

An insider told E! News, “Emma is cautious about bringing her son around new people, but knows the day will come soon,” News.

“Emma loves Cody’s personality. He’s really funny and they have been having a good time together.”

The single mother revealed this week that she is releasing a capsule collection with the clothing line About You.

“I’m thrilled to announce that my first capsule collection Daahls by Emma Roberts is available now at @aboutyou,” Emma posted alongside a clip from the shoot she conducted to promote the line.

She elaborated, “I’ve always wanted to create something that embodies everything I love to wear and feel confident in. This collection shows all sides of my personality – feminine, classic but playful.”

Tweet: “Shop my collection now at @aboutyou! #CoCreatedByAboutYou.”

Limited-edition collections are frequently the result of partnerships between About You and superstars like Katy Perry and Bella Hadid.

On March 17, Emma initially teased her collection, saying, “Something exciting is coming.”

The line is reasonably priced, with the cheapest item being a $32.90 infant t-shirt.