Emily Atack decided to cancel her ITV2 comedy show in favor of working on the racy Disney+ series Rivals | revealed the scene of “strip off and play tennis naked with her lover…”

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Emily Atack has canceled her own series to focus on her leading part in the racy new Disney+ program Rivals, which is based on the sultry 1988 novel of the same name by Jilly Cooper.

Emily Atack has decided to cancel her own comedy series on ITV2 after three seasons


When the 33-year-old former Inbetweeners star debuted The Emily Atack Show in November 2020, over two years after placing second in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, it quickly became a hit with youthful viewers.


But, she has opted to put the series on hold in order to focus on her starring part in the racy new Disney+ miniseries Rivals, which is based on the steamy 1988 novel of the same name by Jilly Cooper.

Insider TV said: ‘The show means so much to Emily, but she felt it was the right time to move on, there are no plans to make another one.

‘It takes a lot of work and dedication and other commitments this year meant it would be hard to give another series her all.

‘She’ll always be proud of it as not many female stars have been able to make their own stand-up comedy show.’


The Emily Atack Show is a variety show containing stand-up segments that also features impressions of celebrities like Holly Willoughby and Gemma Collins.

She frequently shared stories from her romantic life onstage, including the time she pretended to be in a triangular romance with a married couple.

Although Emily has decided against producing a fourth season this year, she has not ruled out doing so in the future.

A representative for Emily stated: ‘The Emily Atack show has been a great success so far, and Emily is discussing future opportunities about the series, but because Emily is flat out filming for her new Disney+ show she hasn’t had a moment to sit down and write new material or commit to any filming dates.

‘She’s hoping she will have time to revisit The Emily Atack show in 2024.’

An source added: ‘Whilst there are no plans for a new series in 2023, it was a great show and one that could appear on forthcoming schedules in the future.’

David Tennant, formerly of Doctor Who, Danny Dyer, formerly of EastEnders, Aidan Turner, formerly of Poldark, and Bella Maclean, formerly of Sex Education, all star in Emily’s new hot drama Rivals.

The wife of Deputy Prime Minister Paul Stratton (W1A actor Rufus Jones), Sarah Stratton is played by the I’m a Celebrity… host. Sarah is ambitious and not afraid to utilize her looks to rise to the top.

Some say Emily will recreate her character’s iconic “strip off and play tennis naked with her lover” scene from the book.