Digimon Survive Karma – Harmony, Moral and Wrathful

When Digimon Survive presents you with multiple story or dialogue options, your responses almost always have an effect on your Karma. Karma is available in three flavors in Digimon Survive: Moral, Wrathful, and Harmony. These three types of Karma accumulate over the course of the game, and your choice of which to prioritize will eventually shape the story’s direction. We’ll go over each of the three types and how they affect your journey through Digimon Survive.

Digimon Survive Karma

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In Digimon Survive, Harmony is regarded as the neutral option. However, this does not imply that you will only benefit from it by acting passively and hedging your bets. Harmony Karma is rewarded when you make decisions that prioritize your companions’ safety and emotions. Choices that grant Harmony have you acting as a peacemaker, seeking conflict resolution alternatives, and talking things out whenever possible.

Data-type Digimon correspond with Harmony Karma.


In Digimon Survive, assuming the qualities most associated with Digimon protagonists will reward you with Moral Karma. Moral Karma is granted when you make an active effort to not only survive but also do good in difficult circumstances. Moral rewards prioritize justice over selfish or temporarily beneficial actions.

Moral Karma makes it easier to recruit Vaccine-type Digimon.


Digimon Survive Karma 2

While the name may lead you to believe that Wrathful options are some kind of evil path for Digimon Survive, this is not the case. You will be met with wrath if you make decisions that confront your problems head on, such as fighting when the odds are stacked against you, venturing outside of safe areas to look for supplies, or probing into the mystery of your surroundings.

Takuma receives Wrathful Karma when you choose direct options, focusing on the situation at hand and potentially disregarding options that focus on your companions and their feelings.

Wrathful Karma is associated with Virus-type Digimon, giving you an advantage when talking to and recruiting them.

How They Affect Your Journey?

Karma not only affects the ease with which you can add more Digimon to your ranks, but it also has a direct impact on the strength of your starter Digimon. Agumon’s Digivolution line is affected by your highest Karma attribute. Because Agumon is primarily Moral, it will Digivolve into Greymon. Wrathful turns him into Tuskmon, and Harmony turns him into Tyrannomon.

Digimon Survive Wiki

Digimon Survive
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