Diablo 4 Guide – How to defeat the Duriel boss

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Diablo 4 Duriel

Duriel, the menacing Lord of Pain, awaits you as a formidable boss encounter in the sixth act of Diablo 4. This article serves as your guide to defeating this Lesser Evil, offering valuable tips to help you survive the intense battle.

Diablo 4 Guide – How to defeat the Duriel boss


Diablo 4 Duriel is a colossal demon resembling a gigantic maggot armed with slashing blades. You will encounter this formidable boss in the Residential District of Caldeum during your adventure. It is important to note that Duriel is not an optional boss and must be defeated to progress the main storyline.

Duriel possesses punishing attacks, demanding precise timing and defensive maneuvers. Beyond his menacing melee strikes, here are the abilities you should be aware of:

  • Burrow: Duriel periodically burrows underground, reemerging at a different location. This maneuver primarily serves as a means to reposition.
  • Belly Belch: A frequently used move where the boss regurgitates a pool of putrid bile. Stepping into this vile substance quickly depletes your health, so avoid it at all costs.
  • Eater of Worlds: This devastating move can spell doom for your character. Duriel stomps before attempting to devour you, inflicting multiple instances of damage. This becomes especially lethal if your health is already low.

Melee-focused characters will face a challenging battle due to Duriel’s sweeping strikes, while ranged classes must contend with their inherent fragility. However, the Necromancer class has proven to excel in this encounter, with minions gradually chipping away at the boss’s health while the player remains safely distanced.

Remember, defeating bosses like Duriel in Diablo 4 brings you closer to completing quests, progressing through the game, and obtaining special equipment. So gear up, prepare your tactics, and face the Lord of Pain with unwavering determination. The fate of Caldeum rests in your hands.