Diablo 4 Guide – How to defeat Cyhrach The First Born Ancient Boss

diablo 4 Cyhrach The First Born

Cyhrach The First Born Ancient in Diablo 4 poses a formidable challenge with powerful attacks, summoning minions, and requiring strategic execution for victory.

Diablo 4 Guide – How to defeat Cyhrach The First Born Ancient Boss

Location & Quest

To face Cyhrach, you’ll need to embark on the Call of the Ancients quest. The boss awaits you in the Hollowed Glacier dungeon. Obtain the quest from Glous, the chieftain of the Bear Tribe, located near the entrance of the dungeon. Look for the blue circle on the map to find Glous at the Bear Tribe Refuge waypoint.

Defeating Cyhrach

Cyhrach is a ghost-like creature with three main attacks and the ability to summon minions. Mastering the art of dodging its spells is crucial to your success. Here’s a breakdown of each attack and how to avoid them:

  • Triple Shot: The boss releases three ghosts aimed at your character. Skillfully navigate between them by simply walking through the gaps.

  • Nova: Cyhrach launches five spirits in all directions. Maneuver between them, maintaining distance from the closest projectile, as they can follow your character for a short period.

  • Magic Explosion: Cyhrach prepares a devastating spell that deals significant damage to nearby enemies. Watch for the casting animation and immediately move away from Cyhrach to avoid being caught in the explosion.

Dealing with minions

In addition to its attacks, Cyhrach can summon ghost minions to aid it in battle. It is highly recommended that you prioritize dealing with these minions quickly. Fighting against a large army of ghosts will make the encounter significantly more challenging.

By effectively dodging Cyhrach’s attacks and swiftly dispatching its summoned minions, you increase your chances of emerging victorious.

Facing Cyhrach The First Born Ancient is a test of your skill and resilience in Diablo 4. Remember to stay vigilant, dodge its spells, and eliminate its minions promptly. With determination and the strategies outlined above, you’ll be well-equipped to triumph over this formidable boss. Best of luck on your journey!