Destiny 2 Challenges week 1 : Antiquarian I – Where to Return the Relic

One of these Destiny 2 challenges is Antiquarian I, which has you kill enemies in Europe and return a relic to the H.E.L.M. Where you should leave this can be a bit confusing though, so this is where you should go.

How to Complete Antiquarian I ?

First, you will need to kill enemies in Europe. However, no matter where those enemies are, you’ll get bonus progress for using a Fusion Rifle.

You can try the new Delicate Tomb as it completely rips through enemies if you’re using the Arc subclass and any shards attached to the Ionic Trace.

For where to put the relic you earn at the end of the story quest, go to H.E.L.M. and approach the table directly facing the Star Chart (shown image below). You will receive a prompt to place the relic, which will complete this week’s Antiquarian I challenge.

Destiny 2 Challenges week 1 : Antiquarian I – Where to Return the Relic


Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Challenges week 1

Successful Expedition Obtain Plundered Umbral Energy from bonus chests in Expedition.
Antiquarian Return the first relic to the H.E.L.M. Also, defeat combatants on Europa. Defeating combatants with a Fusion Rifle will award bonus progress.
Fire Discipline Complete Ketchcrash activities and activate cannons aboard the deck of your Ketch.
Shaper I Shape three unique Seasonal weapons.
Europa Activities On Europa, earn progress by completing bounties, patrols, public events, and Lost Sectors.
Taking All Challenges Complete weekly playlist challenges.
Long-Range Calibration Calibrate long-range weapons — Pulse Rifles, Bows, Trace Rifles — on Europa. Bonus progress in Lost Sectors.
Dredgin’ Up Victory Complete Gambit matches. Earn bonus progress for wins.
Flourish of Power Defeat Guardians in the Mayhem playlist with Super abilities.
The Fallen Fall Defeat Fallen combatants in Vanguard playlists or strikes. Earn bonus progress for defeating tougher combatants.
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