Claire Bear, a professional golfer, says, “no cheeks left behind,” as her scanty skirt bares her derriere during a swing

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Claire Bear, a rising golf influencer, famously quipped, “no cheeks left behind” after a powerful swing and the summer breeze exposed her derriere.

Professional golfer Claire Bear boasts, “no cheeks left behind,” as her scanty skirt reveals her derriere during a swing

(Source: @itscaddieissues/Twitter)

Despite the proliferation of golf influencers, Claire Bear is making a name for herself in the often racy and cutthroat media industry.

The blonde bombshell, whose nickname is “Caddie Issues,” is proving to be as skilled with a car as she is with puns.

She, like Paige Spiranac, has garnered a massive following—239,000—thanks to her daring films and social media posts.

A video of her wearing the kind of short, white miniskirt that would not be authorized at any country clubs is her particular favorite piece of media.

Bear posted a video of herself smashing a drive into a strong wind.

Although the wind did not blow her ball away, it did almost blow her skirt over her head.

“No cheeks were spared,” she said. You probably already knew that Bear is just one of several women in the golfing influence community that is working hard to follow in the footsteps of Jelena Spiranac.

Aspiring social media influencers and OnlyFans stars are finding that figure-hugging clothing, long hair, warm weather, and a well-executed golf drive is the right mix.

(Source: @itscaddieissues/Twitter)

Even though they seem to be everywhere these days, Spiranac feels safe in her command of the online world.

“They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery so I am proud to be an inspiration for all of these women,” Spiranac said in an Instagram story Q&A.

“It shows how powerful my brand has been that if they do copy everything they will also be successful. I will say that I do value creativity and I wish that it wasn’t copied exactly from the exact outfit to my hair to the captions to how it’s shot.”

“They’ve seen me be successful and they know that if they copy exactly what I’m doing or follow in the exact footsteps of the path I’ve built for myself that they will also be successful and we have seen that. But that’s pretty cool.

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