Cheryl Cole Won’t Talk Openly About Her Relationships Anymore

Cheryl Cole has vowed not to talk about her private relationships to the media in the future. Following her divorce from footballer Ashley Cole, Cheryl feels more reluctant to speak on her romantic life and wants to keep that part of her private now. She believes that in the past, she was too open about her feelings and said some things she regrets now, so she’ll be staying quiet in future:

I was very innocent when I started out, and happy to talk about how amazing Ashley was and how much I loved him. I mean, I would read the odd headline, and think, ‘Oh s**t – maybe I was a bit too open’, but I was always happy to talk about things.”

Cheryl, who is currently dating backup dancer Tre Holloway, says that her past experiences have forced her to make the decision to keep things quieter in the future and now she won’t be talking about her relationships publicly:

“Since then, I‘ve been to hell and back, and I‘ve made a decision: I won’t ever talk about a relationship in public again.”