Carol Vorderman said that she now ”showers while seated” on the TOILET in her £100k campervan after selling her £2.6m mansion

Carol Vorderman, 62, recently admitted that despite having sold her £2.6 million mansion and having her £100,000 campervan custom-designed, she still had to shower in her tiny bathroom while sitting on the toilet.

Carol Vorderman sold her £2.6 million mansion and now lives in a £100,000 campervan


Carol Vorderman gave up her Bristol mansion with with swimming pool to buy a van she could customize to her exacting standards, spending months and more than £50,000 on the project.

Carol had a skylight installed so she could watch the stars from her bed on the “roof terrace,” but the shower is so small that she has to be careful not to hit the walls.

Yet, she admitted that she sits on the toilet while she takes regular showers because she chose to install it there.

Carol, on her BBC Radio Wales show with Paul Merton, referred to her 4×4 MAN TGE3 with medium-sized wheels as her “man van,” saying: ‘In my van, I’ve got a little shower area. When I say little, I mean little – tiny.

‘So small that you can’t actually stand up in it. So I designed it so there’s a loo in there, a compost toilet, so you sit down – because when you stand up to have a shower you need more room for your arms.

‘Whereas if you have a sit-down shower, which you can perfectly well do, you don’t need as much space in the van.’

Carol’s custom modifications brought the price of the van down from the range of £38,000 to £47,000.

The celebrity is excited about her new camper but is sad to be leaving her massive Bristol mansion with its own swimming pool.

The sleek home also has a modern kitchen with all the latest appliances, a spacious island, and natural light from the skylights.

Although the Welsh beauty’s large garden with its pretty maintained lawns made for the ideal area for hosting parties.

In December, while Carol was leaving the house, she posted an Instagram photo of the interior and suggested that followers watch a parody of the 1980s game show Countdown, from which the name Sloblock Hall was derived.

She enjoys spending weeks exploring the lovely Welsh countryside and hiking the north Wales mountains, despite the fact that she still owns a second property in Wales and a much smaller flat in Bristol.

She added: ‘I’m really into van life. I love the air, I love the freedom of it, I love the scruffiness of it.’

Carol admitted she hopes to one day live in Wales full time.

‘I am a wanderer; I’ve always been a wanderer. I love making homes, but I don’t want to be in them very much,’ she explained.

‘I live between west Wales, a bit of Cardiff and Bristol. I think progressively that will become all Wales. Well, soon. I am Welsh, and I love it. I want to spend much less time in London working – that’s a decision of mine. I’m only doing the things that I want to do.’