Carol Vorderman flaunts her toned abs in skintight gym leggings and a crop top as she discusses her preparation for her upcoming appearance on I’m A Celebrity

The presenter Carol Vorderman, who was 62 years old, looked amazing in a sports crop top that exposed her toned abdominal muscles.

Carol Vorderman, 62, unveils her fitness routine for I’m A Celebrity: All Stars by flaunting her toned abs in skintight gym leggings and a crop top

Carol Vorderman, 62, flaunts her toned abs in skintight gym leggings and a crop top as she discusses her preparation for her upcoming appearance on I'm A Celebrity

Carol Vorderman has shared her fitness program in preparation for her appearance on I’m A Celebrity.

While she was working out and stretching, she showed off her tiny waist in a pair of skintight leggings.

Carol was spotted working up a sweat while squatting and using other gym equipment.

She captioned the video, “OFF TO GYM AGAIN TOMOZ,” indicating that she was clearly on a mission.

Carol is getting in shape for her next appearance on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! All Stars in South Africa.

The former Countdown personality lasted 18 days in the Australian jungle with winner Scarlett Moffatt, captivating viewers with her flirtatious banter and jungle showers until being the eighth celebrity to be kicked off the series in 2016.

“Doing I’m A Celebrity changed me a lot and I can’t wait to take part in this new series,” Carol remarked of her return.

“I loved everything about I’m A Celebrity [the first time round].”

She then said, “We’ve still got a WhatsApp group!”

Carol also made an X-rated joke about her “many buddies” on Friday’s This Morning.

The Countdown legend joined Vanessa Feltz on the ITV daytime talk show to debate today’s hot topics with Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond.

They were discussing the viral video of the loose dog in a London park that attacked two police horses.

Would you agree with Alison’s observation that ‘People need to be more in control of their dogs, would you agree?’ to which Carol responded: Well, I am a big walker and walk in the countryside every day I can.’

“With your dog?” Alison inquired. “No, I don’t have a dog but I would LOVE to have a dog, it wouldn’t be fair on them. I’m not at home all the time so I can’t have a dog.”

When the group laughed at Alison’s remark,: “You haven’t got time for a dog you’ve got too many friends,’ Dermot chimed in, ‘None of them are leashed!”

Carol retorted with a witty, “That’s what you think! shhhh,” he said, before bursting out laughing with Vanessa at her racy remark.

The five’special buddies’ Carol mentioned on Michelle Visage‘s Rule Breakers podcast in January.

The Countdown fan favorite opened up about the “system” she’s used to navigate her difficult romantic life for the past decade.

Carol claims that she is “not into one night stands,” and instead dates several men whom she calls her “special pals.”

Michelle asked Carol if she was seeing anyone, and Carol jokingly replied, “No! I’m having the best time. I’ve spoken about this once. I have a system which I’ve had for 10 years. They’re called ‘special friends.”

“I spoke a couple of months ago about having ‘special friends’ and it was like, again, the world had fallen in for some people but actually what I found was there was an awful lot of women who said ‘I’d never thought about it like this.”

Carol continued by saying that she had been in “long term relationships, if you want” with some of her closest friends for the better part of a decade.

“One’s 11 years, one’s seven years, you know everyone is single. It’s a happy place. I hasten to add I’m not into one night stands.”

The lingo of my generational female peers had it that if you married more than one man, you were this and that.

“Everything was derogatory about a woman, that was the environment I was growing up in. It was like ‘she’s desperate’, everything was judgmental.”