Carol Vorderman opens up about her ‘five special friends’ despite the fact that she ‘doesn’t do one night stands,’

The 62-year-old TV host claims that everything is going swimmingly because she has no desire to be in a relationship and isn’t a jealous person.

Carol Vorderman talks about her ‘five special friends’ and says she ‘doesn’t do one night stands,’

Carol, who ‘doesn’t do one night stands,’ claims that her partners are all unattached and that she won’t be hurt if they find lasting love elsewhere.

The ex-Countdown host has been careful not to disclose the identities of her romantic partners and has never hinted at a love life on social media.

Carol’s willingness to discuss her romantic relationships freely, if not in lurid detail, is one of the things that has made her more relatable to a younger audience.

‘Oh yeah, yeah, my ‘special friends’,’ she said. ‘I’m continuing with that system and it’s working very well.’

There are five of them. She said: ‘One’s been a friend for 11 years, one for seven. My kids [Katie, 31, and Cameron, 25], know most of them.’

Carol has stated she enjoys the autonomy and freedom the arrangement provides, and she has said, “As long as you’re all honest and have a nice time,” she has no problem with her partners seeking more closeness than it provides.

She operates under the tenet that you should “do no damage,” thus the mere fact that any of the participants might happen to meet someone else is not cause for alarm.

She continued: ‘I’m not a jealous person and I’m happy when my friends are happy, whether they are “special friends” or not.

‘The goal of my life is to be happy, not to be in love. I just find people interesting and life interesting.

‘And you can get to a stage where you choose which bits you enjoy. You can’t in your 30s because you’re making your way in your career, you’re beholden to bosses and all those sorts of things. But in your 60s…’

After being married twice (to Christopher Mather from 1985 to 1986 and to Patrick King from 1990 to 2000; he is the father of her two children), Carol has been single since she split from journalist Des Kelly in 2007.