Carol Vorderman is “hotter than hell” when she squats and thrusts in skintight leggings

In a sweaty exercise video, Carol Vorderman stunned her followers with her incredible squatting abilities.

Squatting and thrusting in skintight pants, Carol Vorderman is called “hotter than hell”

Carol Vorderman squatted and trusted in extremely tight training clothes to show off her gym-honed figure, leaving her followers gobsmacked once again.

The lovely former Countdown math genius, now 62 years old, posted a video of her intense workout to Instagram on Thursday (March 30).

Carol‘s devoted fanbase, who have described her as “hotter than hell” and “great MILF,” gasped in disbelief as they watched the footage of her squatting and thrusting while weightlifting.

Carol went to the gym dressed for the occasion in a pair of khaki long-sleeved blouse and lime green and khaki patterned leggings.

The blonde hottie wore her hair down and accessorized her workout with neon green trainers.

With the caption, “Talked about going back to the gym on Lorraine today,”¬†Carol encouraged her followers to get back in shape.

“Following a V V early morning sesh with ‘Rise and Shine Sleepy Bears’. @meldeane12 going for the heavier weights and lower reps!!! ”

At the end, the speaker confessed, “I lurve the gym….”

Many went crazy in the comments area, with many fawning over the steamy footage.

“Body of a woman of 25. Stunning,”¬†one admirer wrote.

Another person gushed, “Lovely MILF.”

To paraphrase: “OMG Carol. A third, visibly shocked, said, “What are you doing to me, thrusting like that?”

Too hot to handle was written by a fifth individual, and “hot body” was written by a fourth.

Another writer called her “Carol Phroooowdamen,” and a seventh said she was “Hotter than hell.”

Carol has been recognized as the Year’s Best Back twice due to her award-winning physique and toned posterior.

Carol won the award for the second time in 2014, after nine years, and she famously said, “I always suspected there were a lot of people out there who were glad to see the back of me. It now appears there were even more than I thought.”

This news follows the announcement that Carol will be a series regular on the upcoming season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, which will see the show’s alums go to South Africa for a special run of episodes airing the following month.