Carol Vorderman, 62, posted a video of herself dancing in skintight black trousers after her This Morning co-host, Phillip Schofield, resigned

The 62-year-old hostess danced with the actor Nathan Sussex from It’s A Sin, baring her curves in a pair of black skintight leggings.

Carol Vorderman, 62, dances in suggestive black skintight pants in a new video following Phillip Schofield’s departure from This Morning

Carol Vorderman was seen dancing to “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift after her Saturday broadcast on BBC Radio Wales ended.

Carol wore figure-hugging leggings and a white blouse, and her hair cascaded over her shoulders in beautiful waves.

She captioned the clip, “Me and @natsus1 having a Saturday bop.”

Next week on Saturday at 11.30 xx on BBC Radio Wales, we hope you’ll join us again. You Won’t Be Able to Eradicate Us.”

Updated following recent events Phillip feels he was “hung out to dry” by This Morning management when he abruptly announced his departure from the show on Instagram on Saturday, following a confrontation with co-host and ex-best friend Holly.

The veteran broadcaster bowed to the network’s demand that he resign after 21 years as the midday show’s host after a spat with his co-star caused her to threaten to leave if he stayed.

He thanked his friends for their support in a pointed social media statement in which he made no reference to Holly, despite reports that he had complained about being “hung out to dry” by the channel.

Due to his failure to warn Willoughby about his brother’s child sexual abuse conviction, Phil has lost everything save “tatters” of his friendship with her.

He and his mother apparently left for a vacation in Cornwall yesterday.

ITV insider: “Phil’s fate was decided on Friday” (Mirror). “Everyone agreed he had to leave.”

“He was upset, but firm that if he was going to walk away, he wanted to keep his roles on The Cube, the British Soap Awards, and Dancing on Ice – crucially, with or without Holly.”

Behind the scenes, he has been telling pals that he has been hung out to dry, despite the fact that everything has been straightened out smoothly.

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And his relationship with Holly is in shambles as a result.

There doesn’t seem to be much hope for a turnaround.

The fact that he opted to thank his audience and supporters so explicitly without mentioning her tells everything.

Mr. Schofield and Ms. Willoughby, 42, broke up after he failed to tell her about his brother’s child sex abuse case.

Phillip chose to leave the show after having hasty conversations with his representatives and the highest officials at ITV.

According to the Mirror, the agreement included him hosting a new show on his own while talks continued about the other series.

Although a member of the This Morning team will undoubtedly present tomorrow’s show, the identity of the host has yet to be revealed.