Carol Vorderman, 62, teaches herself dancing moves on the set of This Morning while exposing her stunning proportions in a skintight top and skirt

Carol Vorderman displayed her fantastic physique while dancing in a brand new video that was uploaded to the internet.

Carol Vorderman stuns in a skintight top and skirt as she practices dancing routines on the This Morning set, drawing attention to her incredible figure

The 62-year-old TV host was so excited about her return to This Morning on Friday that she posted a video of herself during a break in filming.

The ex-Countdown star picked up a new dance routine from her co-host Alison Hammond, who yelled, “Yes Carol!” as she showed off her newfound skills.

Carol wore a skintight beige turtleneck top and skirt for the video, and she looked amazing.

The actress wore a pair of beige boots to elongate her silhouette, and she allowed her blonde hair loosely cascade down her shoulders.

“I’ve been practicing my @alisonhammond55 dancing… see you all there.”

Carol Vorderman has been photographed recently wearing a skintight leather top and a lovely matching skirt, which highlights her figure.

She was advertising Perfect10Carol, a daily podcast in which listeners have 10 minutes to respond to 10 questions worth 10 points.

Carol highlighted body positivity on I’m a Celebrity South Africa and said she put out her bathroom scales in 1999.

The girls joined Myleene Klass at camp and talked about how and when they made the decision to quit caring about their weight.

Carol, a TV host who frequently posts photos of herself in which she proudly displays her slim form, recently said that she has “not known her weight this century.”

Carol commented, “I only go on dress size,” whereas Myleene said that after having her two daughters, she tossed away her scales.


She remarked, “Every woman knows the feeling when you get on the scales in the morning and it appears that your weight has gone up. “Oh I put on three pounds”, but you haven’t put on three pounds of fat in a day, you cannot physically do that.”

“You have probably retained water. I know how big I am or not by my volume so I just go on how my clothes fit really. I call it half a dress size. So I’m basically a size 10. And it I might go down to a ‘size nine’ or up to a size 11, and that’s fine with me.”

“I threw mine out in 1999. I have not known my weight this century.”