Bri Teresi looks stunning in this very risque outfit as a natural beauty by her fans

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(Image : Instagram/BriTeresi)

Bri Teresi, a golf influencer who is 28 years old, posted new daring photos in very risque outfit on her social media platforms.

She has 1.5 million Instagram followers and one million on Twitter.

The account of Teresi’s OnlyFans page has nearly 200,000 likes, which is an indication of her popularity.

(Image : Instagram/BriTeresi)

She captioned one of her posts, “Good morning.”, with a picture of herself in a floral dress.

Occasionally, she posed against a tree, and in others, she posed looking away.

She received a flood of comments under her post.

One wrote: “You look so beautiful in this picture.”

In another comment, someone wrote: “Wow,” with an emoji of a heart.

In a third, someone wrote: “What a sweetheart.”

A fourth also mentioned: “Blonde and beautiful.”

She captioned one of her posts, "Good morning.", with a picture of herself in a floral dress.
(Image : Instagram/BriTeresi)

Additionally, the blonde was home in California when the photos were taken.

Last week, she posted a stunning Instagram photo of her latest outfit, showing off plenty of sideboob.

Her revealing light green one-piece dress was shot from a side angle as she posed while showing major sideboobs.

Adding a flower and smile emoji to the caption, Teresi asked “How’s your day going?”

(Image : Instagram/BriTeresi)

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About Bri Teresi  :

Bri, who is currently in Europe with college friend Hannah Mitterberger, has been spotted playing at the Real Club Valderrama in Andalucia, as well as the San Roque golf course in Cadiz.