Bless Global Character Class Tier List for January 2023

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Now that we’re halfway through January, we figured it was high time to update the Bless Global character class tier list for the month. Continue reading for more information.

Bless Global Character Class Tier List for January 2022Bless Global Class Tier List

In this tier list, the game’s five playable characters are separated into three groups: powerful (S), solid (A), and mediocre (M) (B).

Tier Classes
Powerful (S) Berserker, Crusader
Solid (A) Mage, Ranger
Mediocre (B) Priest

S-Tier characters

Choosing Berserker for the S-rank is the best option. Because Berserker is such a hardy Tank, even if you have no clue what you’re doing in the game, you won’t have to worry about dying or getting killed while you figure out the controls because he has so much health and attack damage.

A-Tier characters

Both the Ranger and the Mage are ranged characters in the A tier, but while the former has more options for attacking, the latter is more useful for supporting allies and fending off enemies.

It is up to you to decide which characters to choose, but for this list, Ranger will be ranked higher than Mage. Obviously, it is difficult to choose between the two, but for the record, Ranger will be ranked higher than Mage.

B-Tier characters

For this tier, it will obviously be just Priest, a fairly standard character who might be good as a supporting character in certain squads but won’t make it any higher in the list as far as combat is concerned. This character offers team healing as a special ability thus offers great support but as a standalone character, it will take the spot in the game’s B-tier.

Bless Global is an enjoyable role-playing game with many options for players to explore, including character creation, leveling up, boss battles, and optional quests. Players will need to think carefully about which of the game’s five available characters they want to play as, as they won’t be able to switch mid-game.

Bless Global is avaible on Steam.