Bikini battle! Kim Kardashian and her “twin” Kylie Jenner wow in black swimsuits near the pool

Kylie posted a selfie on Monday of the two of them posing in matching black bikinis beside the pool.

Bikini battle! Stunning in black bikinis, Kim Kardashian and “twin” Kylie Jenner pose beside the pool

Bikini battle! Kim Kardashian and her "twin" Kylie Jenner wow in black swimsuits near the pool

In both real life and on social media, Kylie Jenner has never been shy about showing off her bikini physique.

However, she had to share the spotlight with someone very special: her sister Kim Kardashian.

Kylie, 25 years old, captioned the photo with “You my twin,” adding an emoji of crossed fingers.

Kylie, 21, and Kim, 42, shared a lounge chair in the racy photos as they struck various seductive stances to show off their toned bodies.

(Source: Instagram/@kylie jenner)

Kim twirled her long hair on the chair’s arm while her sister leaned back and tossed her head.

When Kylie struck another seductive posture for the camera, Kim raised her arms above her head for the second photo.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s devoted Instagram followers flooded the image with positive feedback.

Kim signed off with “Always and Forever.” Meanwhile, Khloe typed an emoji of two dancing women.

Kim posted a little Instagram Story earlier on Sunday showing her and her sisters getting their sweat on.

Though she did not reveal her companions’ identities, she did post a photo of the ladies sweating it out.

‘Sister exercises are wonderful for the soul,’ Kim wrote in the shot. She finished the message with a glitter emoji.

A year ago, Kim was criticized for going on a drastic diet in order to wear Marilyn Monroe’s outfit to the Met Gala.

(Source: Instagram/@kylie jenner)
(Source: Instagram/@kylie jenner)

She lost 16 pounds just for the fashion spectacular, and a total of 21 pounds that year.

Unbelievably, Kim lost 16 pounds in just three weeks so that she could wear the outfit Monroe wore when she sang Happy Birthday to President Kennedy in 1962.

To do this, Kim disclosed that she used a sauna suit twice a day, jogged on a treadmill, cut out all sweets and carbohydrates, and instead ate “clean” veggies and protein.

Actress Lily Reinhart, for one, said Kim’s “ignorance is other-worldly and repulsive,” and the Hulu star received a barrage of other negative comments about her diet.

Don ‘DB’ Brooks, the celebrity’s personal trainer, responded to the critics by saying that her diet ‘wasn’t like starving yourself’ and that she ‘put the work in.

So, you know, it wasn’t like starving yourself or anything like that, since I was there the whole time. She followed a very healthy diet and, on sometimes, limited her food intake. The second thing was that she was working out and putting in effort.

Back in June, Kim responded to the criticism of her diet by drawing parallels between her own metamorphosis and Christian Bale’s for The Machinist.

When speaking with The New York Times, Kim said that she had dropped the weight through a combination of a nutritious diet, a sauna suit, and twice-daily runs.