8 Best Minecraft Lush Cave Seeds 1.19 & 1.18 (September 2022)

The gorgeous Lush Cave biome was fully unveiled in Minecraft’s Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update. Due to the presence of various types of plant life, such as glow berries and moss blocks, these caves are an interesting variation from typical caves. The best Minecraft Lush Cave Seeds in 1.19 & 1.18 are listed here for those who want to explore these caves or create an underground oasis.

Best Minecraft Lush Cave Seeds List 1.19 & 1.18

  • Java 1.19
    • Holey Lush City: -1058557249
  • Java 1.18
    • Badlands Lush Cave: -2606690663582892128
    • MEGALUSH Cave: -8855702801489964397
  • Bedrock 1.19
    • Ancient Lush City: -156227665
  • Bedrock 1.18 (Note: Bedrock seeds work in Java, but they generate structures differently)
    • Battered Taiga Cliff Lush Cave: 416118476
    • Lush Caves & Cliffs: 1561117
    • Snowy Mountain Lush Cave: 266623395

Holey Lush City

Seed: -1058557249

Key Locations

  • Lush Cave: 155 -400
  • Ancient City: 120 -51 -536
  • Shipwreck: 184 -216
  • Large Cold Ruins: 328 -232

Best Minecraft Lush Cave Seeds 1.18 (July 2022) Holey Lush City

You are spawned on top of a tall sea cliff with enormous holes that make it look like Swiss cheese. This is a stunning place to begin a new adventure because you can see the beginning of a sizable Lush Cave from the entrance of the holes. When you’re up for it, you can venture into the Lush Cave’s depths to find one of Minecraft’s newest biomes: an Ancient City!

Ancient Lush City

Seed: -156227665

Key Locations

  • Desert Temple: 168 -164
  • Village: 136 -296
  • Ancient City/Lush Cave: -648 -696
  • Large Cold Ruins: 88 -136

Best Minecraft Lush Cave Seeds 1.18 (July 2022) Ancient Lust City

For players who want to explore the game’s new features, Ancient Lush City is the best starting point. You begin close to the majority of the overworld biomes. A few hundred blocks away is a vast lush cave that branches into an ancient city and creates one of the most fascinating biome transitions.

Badlands Lush Cave

Seed: -2606690663582892128

Key Locations

  • Lush Cave: x:-1100, z:400

Best Minecraft Lush Cave Seeds 1.18 (July 2022) Badlands Lust Cave

In the Badlands, there is a Lush cave located directly beneath a mountain. This cave has a lake inside of it that empties over the sides into a large cavern below. Because it resembles a hidden underground oasis in the middle of a desert, Badlands Lush Cave is an unique seed.


Seed: -8855702801489964397

Key Locations

  • Lush Cave: -689, -295

Best Minecraft Lush Cave Seeds 1.18 (July 2022) MEGALUSH Cave

One of the largest open-spaced Lush Caves you will ever see, if not the largest. While exploring new areas by cave diving is a big part of what draws us to a lush cave, this enormous area is too great to ignore. This ought to be your first seed if you want a clear, unhindered view of a huge cave.

Battered Taiga Cliff Lush Cave

Seed: 416118476

This lush cave is situated next to an Old Growth Taiga Biome and is open to a large lake. Compared to some of the other caves on this list, this one is much smaller. We like this cave because it appears that the cliff was bombarded during an attack, and the Lush Cave has since reshaped the broken cliff face.

Lush Caves & Cliffs

Seed: 781561117

Key Locations

  • Lush Cave: -165 130

At the spawn, this seed showcases the best features of the 1.18 world generation update. You begin the game in the Badlands biome, which is mountainous and full of caves with views of the outside world. An enormous and magnificent Lush Cave that spans several hundred blocks and has multiple layers is just a minute’s walk away.

Snowy Mountain Lush Cave

Seed: 266623395

Key Locations

  • Lush Cave: x: -425, z: -246

This seed places you directly atop a snowy mountain with a sizable Lush Cave hidden beneath it. This enormous Lush Cave extends all the way down into Deepslate from its exposed cliffside entrance. By entering this cave and leaving the surrounding cold outside, it almost seems to warm you up.