6 Best Minecraft 1.19 & 1.18 Meadow Mountain Seeds List

Start your Minecraft in a beautiful meadow with these seeds! The Meadow Mountain was a new sub biome added to Minecraft 1.18: Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update. This biome is filled with flowers and sheep, donkeys and rabbits spawn. It’s an idyllic setting to start your Minecraft adventure. To help you find the perfect Meadow setting, we’ve discovered some of the best Mountain Meadow Seeds and listed them below.


Best Minecraft 1.19 & 1.18 Meadow Mountain Seeds List

Version 1.19
  • A Meadow for your Castle: -5930464648540265214
  • Meadow Mountain Valley: 460628901
  • The Ravine at Hilltop Meadow: 937937323
Version 1.18
  • Perilous Peninsula: -121581799917678842
  • Snowy Road: 1401143922128689540
  • The Slime Bowl: 5513533723593894861

A Meadow For Your Castle

Seed: -5930464648540265214

Key Locations:

  • Nether Portal: 88 72 (Java only!)
  • Best Meadow: -120 -66
  • Meadow: -10 201
  • Meadow: 20 325

Best Meadow Mountain Seeds A Meadow For Your Castle

You are spawned on a sunflower field with a split river encircling it. The river acts as a built-in moat for your castle and gives you control over a sizable but manageable area of land. There are a number of mountain meadows nearby for you to play in when you need a break from your castle.

Meadow Mountain Valley

Seed: 460628901

If you don’t mind that it’s in the valley of the mountain, this is a great Meadow Mountain start for 1.19! You start out on a ring of mountains that surround a lovely valley of meadows. There are several more Meadows, some of which are hundreds of blocks long, beyond the ring of mountains.

The Ravine at Hilltop Meadow

Seed: 937937323

Key Locations:

  • Meadow Ravine Entrance: 160 -300
  • Cliffside Meadow: 170 85
  • Ancient City: 536 -760

Best Meadow Mountain Seeds The Ravine at Hilltop Meadow

A lovely and tranquil seed. A majestic Meadow Mountain that conceals a ravine on the other side of spawn will be encountered if you travel north from spawn. Go south to find a breathtaking view from a Meadow perched atop a mountain cliff.

Perilous Peninsula

Seed: -121581799917678842

Key Locations:

  • Pillager Tower: 49 -527
  • Village: 130 -349
  • Underwater Ruined Portal: 18 162
  • Shipwreck: 915 -240

Best Meadow Mountain Seeds Perilous Peninsula

The only route out of this submerged peninsula is blocked by a Pillager Tower. This is an incredible location if you fancy playing some tower defense in Minecraft, as you’ll have to be extra careful of raids!

Snowy Road

Seed: 1401143922128689540

Key Locations:

  • The Meadow: 600 300
  • Village: 400 625
  • Ruined Portal: 672 368
  • Mineshaft: 700 400

It takes a little while to get to this one from spawn, but it’s worth it. You must climb a mountain to the south-east after starting out in a snowy wasteland to get to the meadow that lies beyond. In all honesty, one of the main draws is that this area is close to a sizable frozen mountain.

The Slime Bowl

Seed: 5513533723593894861

Key Locations:

  • Village: -302 25
  • Pillager tower: -400 310
  • The Slime Bowl: -20 65

You only need to take a few steps to the north of where you spawn to find a series of mountains, including a meadow mountain biome. Additionally, a village and a sizable Pillager outpost with three captured Iron Golems are close by. A really intriguing beginning.