6 Best Minecraft 1.18 & 1.19 Desert Seeds for Bedrock & Java

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In our Best Minecraft Desert Seeds list, we provide some of the most perfect Desert Seeds you can find. Give these seeds a try and build your own house.

Best Minecraft 1.18 & 1.19 Desert Seeds For Bedrock & Java

Bedrock 1.19
  • Desert Temples and Villages: 6245064415419240492
Bedrock 1.18
  • Desert Temple Village > Underground Villager House > Stronghold: -1891299974
  • The Expanse: 1432766570
Java 1.19
  • Clusters of Structures: 2814749802107550
Java 1.18
  • Desert Duel: -8499699871731677737
  • Life on a Deserted Island: 151879205

Best Minecraft Bedrock Desert Seeds

Desert Temples and Villages

Seed: 6245064415419240492

Key Locations

  • Village: 184 344
  • Desert Temple: 520 -360
  • Ancient City: 1672 904
  • Shipwreck: -72 40
  • Desert Temple: 232 888

Best Minecraft Desert Seeds Desert Temples And Villages

You begin in a vastly arid environment with a mixture of the Badlands and Desert biomes. One of the new biomes included in The Wilds update is the Mangrove Swamp biome, which is located a few hundred blocks away. At least five Temples and seven Villages can be found within 1,000 blocks of spawn, and there are dozens more within the first 5,000 blocks. Additionally, five Ancient Cities are close by where you spawn.

Desert Temple Village > Underground Villager House > Stronghold

Seed: -1891299974

Key Locations

  • Desert Temple/Villager/Stronghold: 2312 232
  • Village: 328 184
  • Jungle Temple: 1064 -440
  • Village: 1448 -360
  • Desert Temple: 1608 -264

You will find a Desert Temple directly beneath a single Village house in an amazing and nearly impossible situation. Then a Stronghold can be found even lower. If that isn’t incentive enough for you to use this seed, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of other useful buildings that stand between you and the unique Desert Temple.

The Expanse

Seed: 1432766570

Key Locations

  • Desert Temple: 152 -648
  • Desert Temple: -152 -392
  • Desert Temple: 312 -232
  • Desert Temple: 696 40
  • Desert Temple: 616 664

Best Minecraft Desert Seeds The Expanse

If you want a really good Desert seed, this is the kind of seed you would initially consider. Within a few thousand blocks of spawn, the vast desert contains more than 20 Desert Temples.

Best Minecraft Java Desert Seeds

Clusters of Structures

Seed: 2814749802107550

Key Locations

  • Jungle Biome (Near Jungle Temples): -400 450
  • Desert Biome (Near Desert Temples and Villages: 400 -450
  • Badlands Biome (Near Cluster of Ancient Cities): 3200 0
  • Ocean Biome (Near Ocean Monuments): 240 -2000
  • Snow Biome (Near Igloos): -2400 -2900

Best Minecraft Desert Seeds Clusters Of Structures

You begin next to a jungle and on the outskirts of a desert. Within a few thousand blocks, you will find groups of various buildings in all directions. There are biomes with all of the appropriate climatic conditions and architectural styles. The Woodland Mansion is the only building without a cluster, but there are still at least two of them within 5,000 blocks!

Desert Duel

Seed: -8499699871731677737

Key Locations

  • Village: 176 128
  • Desert Temple: 216 104
  • Village: 144 -176
  • Desert Temple: 138 -168
  • Village: -160 0

Best Minecraft Desert Seeds Desert Duel

You will find two Desert villages in this amazing Desert spawn, each with its own Desert Temple, and they are only divided by a river. If you want immediate access to a ton of uncommon buildings and village resources, start with this seed.

Life on a Deserted Island

Seed: 151879205

Key Locations

  • Village: 16 0
  • Desert Temple: 280 24
  • Shipwreck: 56 232
  • Shipwreck: -104 -232
  • Shipwreck: 136 -232

You get a taste of what it would be like to live on a deserted island when you first create your world. A village is nearby to assist you with anything you require – except for wood! This is the ideal seed to test your ability to leave the island without any wood at first.