Best Fortnite Creative XP maps

Best Fortnite Creative XP maps

Below, we’ll go over the six best maps in Fortnite Creative, which are the best to try if you want to earn XP, and how to access them.

Best Fortnite Creative XP maps

To access these maps, go to the ISLAND CODE tab on the right and enter the map code you want. This is the only way to search for specific maps right now.

Cradoc Impossible Trickshot Map

Map code: 7708-1048-4537

Created by: Crado

When you load into this map, you’ll be at the end of the corridor. You can find the AFK Button if you walk all the way down to the bottom. If you press it, you’ll be teleported to a room where you can bounce indefinitely and gain a lot of XP.

Go Goated – Zone Wars

Map code: 3305-1551-7747

Created by: TheBoyDilly
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This mode divides the participants into four teams and places them in an arena where each team competes against the others. To win, you must build, stay out of the storm, and eliminate the others! There’s also an achievement board where you can complete various challenges for extra XP!

Parkour Fun Run

Map code: 1387-7831-4752

Created by: Candook

There are coins that serve as checkpoints throughout the map, as well as a wide range of obstacles to overcome. There are also secrets hidden, often in inaccessible locations or within the obstacles themselves. They will resemble an orange and blue pyramid shape and will provide a significant XP boost, so they are well worth the effort.

Red Box PVP

Map code: 2053-4317-1526

Created by: Zoz

If you don’t want to participate in the free-for-all, it’s best to load this map in Private Mode. A light can be found in one of the top map corners. If you build up to the corner to the left of it, you will find a prompt to enter a secret room. This will transport you to a secret adventure world where you must explore and discover secrets to gain massive amounts of XP.

The Pit Free For All

Map code: 4590-4493-7113

Created by: Geerzy

You gain XP for each kill! There is a Kill Zone at the bottom of the pit, and once you jump down, you become a free target for all of the other players in the match. All of the weapons are available at the top for you to grab before jumping down, so you can practice with any gun you want.

Variety Dropper

Map code: 3547-1699-5825

Created by: 2xvoid

Dropper maps are one of the last game modes popular with XP maps. The premise is straightforward. To progress through the levels, you must drop down to the landing pad at the bottom without hitting any of the platforms along the way.

You can get XP in three different ways while playing with Variety Dropper. First and foremost, you gain XP for simply being present. Second, completing each level grants you XP. Finally, if you complete every level all the way to the end, you’ll receive a massive XP boost!

Now that you know which maps offer the most XP in Fortnite Creative.