Ben Affleck Stays in Touch With Jennifer Lopez, Speaks on Wife Attraction

Ben Affleck’s marriage to Jennifer Lopez may be a thing of the past, but just because it didn’t work out, doesn’t mean they aren’t keeping in touch. Ben reveals that he’s still in touch with Lopez, and they regularly chat about their current projects via email. He says that he respects her even though their relationship didn’t last and he believes she’s been through a lot in life and come through for the better:

“We don’t have the kind of relationship where she relies on me for advice, but we do have the kind of relationship where there’ll be an e-mail saying, ‘Oh, your movie looks great.’ I remember when she got American Idol. I said: ‘This was really smart. Good luck.’ I touch base. I respect her. I like her. She’s put up with some stuff that was unfair in her life, and I’m really pleased to see her successful.”

Commenting on his wife Jennifer Garner, Ben says he was attracted to her because of her kindness and now sees how nice she is every day, especially if he ever says anything negative about someone. He loves that she isn’t the kind of person to pick a petty fight or feel in competition with anyone else:

“She truly is kind. She means no one any harm. She doesn’t have ill will for any person. She’s not competitive with other people. She’s not spiteful. It’s one of those things where it becomes almost aggravating at times. Every time I go, ‘F— him!’ I see in her face that she just thinks that’s petty and small.”