Before Rihanna’s shocking Super Bowl pregnancy reveal, she had planned to release new songs

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Before Rihanna's shocking Super Bowl pregnancy reveal, she had planned to release new songs

Before her pregnancy announcement, Rihanna said she planned to drop new music this year, but she has since told her fans that she has “no fresh update.”

In the days leading up to her shocking Super Bowl pregnancy reveal, Rihanna had planned to release new songs

The 34-year-old singer for the Diamonds shocked the sold-out crowd at Arizona’s State Farm Stadium and the millions more watching around the world when she disclosed she was pregnant on stage.

Though she is expecting her second child with A$AP Rocky, she has said that the year may have gone quite differently without that development.

Before her shocking pregnancy announcement during this year’s Super Bowl, Rihanna was planning to deliver on her fans’ hopes by releasing her first new music in three years.

The Barbadian stunner said she keeps falling in and out of love with the recordings of her potential new songs.

She compared hearing an unreleased song to “nearly attempting to look as you used to wear” in an interview with British Vogue.

A quote from what she had to say is as follows: “I mean, ugh, no way. Never again will you find me in those! Your preferences shift and your attitude evolves.”

When asked when her fans could anticipate new songs before she became pregnant, though, she responded: “That’s why I’m hoping it happens this year. Honestly, it would be ludicrous if it weren’t this year.

“But all I want to do is enjoy myself. For the most part, all I want to do is create music and films.”

However, she did concede that “the correct background music with the pictures” would be necessary for any release.

“She explained, “I can’t just go shoot a video of myself chatting.
What happens next depends on whether or not the star goes through with her plans.

Parris Goebel, Rihanna’s choreographer, recently spoke out about the pop star’s huge reveal at the Super Bowl, saying it was impromptu.

She said this on ABC’s GMA3 on Wednesday: “Honestly, she didn’t really know if she was going to be showing or not.”

A swarm of white-clad dancers gathered below RiRi as she began her live performance from a perch high above the stadium.

At the outset of the performance, she seemed to rub her hand over her stomach, which sent fans into a frenzy of conjecture online before the baby news was officially verified.