Amy Adams Thinks Weddings Waste Money, Speaks on Being a Working Mom

Amy Adams, who is currently engaged to Darren Le Gallo says that weddings can be a waste of money, but she looking past the financial costs, she’d be sad if she didn’t tie the knot:

”Weddings are not a good value and I like good value. Still, I’d be disappointed if we didn’t have one.”

Amy also speaks on working while her young daughter Aviana, who she gave birth to in 2010, grows up. She comments that when she goes home she is better at leaving her work behind her and not thinking about it when she spends time with her:

”I love my work but I’m becoming more successful at leaving it behind when I’m at home so my daughter feels I belong to her and not the world.”

Commenting on how hard it is for her to work with a young daughter, Amy says she planned to work while Aviana is young so she can spend more time with her as she gets older and she is sometimes torn between work and her family life. She wants to take advantage of her amazing work opportunities but also doesn’t want to feel regret that she didn’t see her daughter grow up so she needs to find a good balance:

”I’d like to focus more on spending time with my daughter. My idea was to work a lot when she was young and when she started to be more aware of what was going on, I’d do less. She’s a little less impressed with me working all the time now. Her lips are starting to turn down when I leave. But I have scripts I like and people I want to work with. This can be a fleeting time and I want to take advantage of as much as I can. But I also want to achieve a little more balance. I don’t want to look back with any regrets.”