Amy Adams Reveals Her Surprising Shaving Tip


Actress Amy Adams has revealed a shaving tip that she now swears by after stumbling on it accidentally. The red-haired beauty explains that while shaving, she ran out of soap and didn’t know what product to use to shave her very sensitive skin. She picked up her body wash, which happened to be an oil-based product, and was amazed by how it worked for shaving:

”Women need to know this. Eucerin has this product called Skin Calming Body Wash, it’s actually an oil, and I use it to shave -I promise you’ll never get razor burn – for those who don’t wax! I have hyper-sensitive skin and I ran out of soap one day, and had no shaving stuff so I used it and thought it was genius.”

Amy says she leaves her signature red hair alone usually and doesn’t like to style it herself, but sometimes she will put it up in an elegant bun if she has an event to attend:

“I leave my hair alone most of the time, but I throw it up in a bun often, like I did tonight. You have to sacrifice the blowout from time to time.”

Sharing how she always looks so good on the red carpet, Amy says finding a pro makeup artist is so important because they can transform a face with the right products and techniques:

“The key is a great makeup artist – I worked with a wonderful guy tonight who managed to make me look awake.”

Commenting on the one product she can’t live without, Amy says she always uses cult classic La Mer:

”La Mer moisturizer. I have super dry skin so it’s my go-to.”