All 41 Mount Armors in Diablo 4 & How to Obtain Them


all diablo 4 mount armors

Gathering all the unique mount armors available in Diablo 4 can be quite a challenge, especially without proper guidance on where to find them. However, fear not, as this comprehensive guide is here to make your task significantly easier.

All 41 Mount Armors in Diablo 4 & How to Obtain Them

Here is a comprehensive list of all 41 Mount Armors available for discovery in the realm of Sanctuary.

World Boss Drops

  1. Ashava Barding (Kill Ashava)
  2. Treasure Beast Barding (Kill Avarice)

Completing Challenges

  1. Lamplighter’s Tack (Nightmare Ally challenge)
  2. Trade Consortium Tack (Estuar Wanderer challenge)
  3. Horadric Tack (Epic Adventurer challenge)

Random Drops

  1. Barding of Mount Arreat (Treasure Goblins)
  2. Phantom Barding
  3. Scosglen Barding (Kill enemies in Scosglen)
  4. Barding of Elemental Fury
  5. Barding of Rathma
  6. Steppe Tack (Kill enemies in Dry Steppes)
  7. Kehjistani Tack (Kill enemies in Kehjistan)
  8. Lorath’s Barding
  9. Pale Barding (Kill enemies in Fractured Peaks)
  10. Hawezar Tack (Kill enemies in Hawezar)
  11. Traveling Merchant’s Tack
  12. Kehjistani Barding (Kill enemies in Kehjistan)
  13. Steppe Barding (Kill enemies in Dry Steppes)
  14. Barding of the Sightless Eye
  15. Old Blanket
  16. Pale Tack (Kill enemies in Fractured Peaks)
  17. Scosglen Tack (Kill enemies in Scosglen)
  18. Elder Druid Barding
  19. Hawezar Barding (Kill enemies in Hawezar)
  20. Brigandine Barding

Purchased in-game

  1. Cruel Assassin’s Barding
  2. Brutal Wizard’s Barding
  3. Dark Knight’s Barding
  4. Demonic Warlord’s Barding
  5. Sturdy Saddle (Purchased from a Stable Master)
  6. Bloody Warlord’s Barding (Unconventional Mount Armor Vendor in the Fields of Hatred)

Purchased via the Shop

  1. Faithless Cage (Three-Fold Nightmare Bundle)
  2. Equine Veil (Bloodsworn Hunter Bundle)
  3. Death’s Burden (Death’s Burden Mount Bundle)
  4. Bloodfiend Advent (Bloodfiend Advent Mount Bundle)
  5. Brackish Fetch (Brackish Fetch Mount Bundle)
  6. Keras Bullion (The Weight of Gold Prestige Bundle)
  7. Iron Cilice (Penitent Dragoon Bundle)
  8. Transformation Drape (Arcane Means Bundle)

Pre-Order and Editions

  1. Caparison of Faith (Pre-Order)
  2. Hellborn Carapace Barding (Deluxe or Ultimate Edition)

While some Mount Armor can be purchased in-game or via the Shop, others can be obtained through pre-orders, specific editions, challenges, random drops, and defeating powerful World Bosses. Keep in mind that random drops and World Boss rewards are not guaranteed, making the acquisition of certain Mount Armors a matter of luck.

With this comprehensive guide, you now have a complete overview of the available Mount Armors and the methods to obtain them in Diablo 4.