Strategies to Defeat Mahjoob in Diablo 4 The Only Cure Sidequest

Mahjoob Diablo 4

In this article, we will provide comprehensive strategies and tips on how to defeat Mahjoob in Diablo 4, ensuring victory in “The Only Cure” sidequest.

How to defeat Mahjoob in Diablo 4 The Only Cure Sidequest

Locating Mahjoob in Kehjistan

To find Mahjoob, head south of Alcarnus in Kehjistan, where “The Only Cure” sidequest unfolds. It is important to note that this sidequest is a follow-up to the “Road to Ruin” quest, so ensure that you have completed the prerequisite before attempting to encounter Mahjoob.

Mahjoob’s Abilities

Mahjoob possesses three traits as an Elite Skittering Abomination: Summoner, Plaguebearer, and Vampiric. His poison ability takes the form of a circular gatling gun-like attack, often following a successful pushback. What proves most troublesome is his Vampiric ability, which allows him to recover health when he touches you.

Strategies to Defeat Mahjoob

Utilize Crowd Control Abilities

When Mahjoob activates his Vampiric ability, employ crowd control skills such as Frost Nova for Sorcerers, Smoke Grenades for Rogues, or Immobilize for Barbarians and Druids. These abilities will disrupt Mahjoob’s vampiric state, providing you with an opportunity to deal damage.

Use Environmental Advantage

In the first room near the stairs of the dungeon, you’ll find a well that can serve as cover against Mahjoob’s long-range attacks. Utilize the well strategically to protect yourself when necessary, leveraging Mahjoob’s slow movement to your advantage.

Adjust the World Tier

If you find yourself repeatedly failing to defeat Mahjoob, consider lowering the World Tier. Decreasing the difficulty level can make the encounter more manageable and increase your chances of success.

Focus on Burst Damage

Mahjoob’s healing ability presents a significant challenge. Prioritize burst damage during windows when Mahjoob doesn’t have the red aura indicating his Vampiric state. Upgrade your gear, enhance your weapon damage, and consider using elixirs to boost your armor to withstand Mahjoob’s attacks.

In conclusion, defeating Mahjoob requires careful execution of strategies and precise timing. Good luck in your quest to defeat him and claim victory in Diablo 4!