7 Habits That Can Easily Make You Become Old Early

Posted by admin on May 13th, 2022

Contacting with cigarette smoke, showing your face under sunlight or cold wind can be harmful to your skin and you will become old early.

You cannot avoid aging. The lifestyle that you choose will affect your skin. Taking care of your skin is the first step that can prevent aging and maintain beauty.

7 following things can make your skin become old quickly:

1.     Cigarette smoke

Although you don’t smoke cigarette, your wrinkles and the state of dry skin will increase remarkably when you contact with it because cigarette can make the ability of absorbing vitamin C of body that is an important component to help skin stretch. Vitamin C dissolves in water and won’t be stored in body.

2.     Contacting with sunlight

You should always use sun cream. The best kind that you should use is SPF 15 and over and you can use all year round, including dull days. Cloud cannot protect your skin from sunbeam. Skin can become darker when it doesn’t contact with sunlight. Nice freckles can change to brown spots and your skin begins to become waterless. The final result is increasing wrinkles and skin’s aging.

3.     Not doing exercise

Doing exercise not only makes you feel better but also helps you look more beautiful. Being lazy to exercise will contribute to make your skin become aging because doing exercise will help blood circulate and muscles strong and healthy. Researches showed that lifestyle with less exercising can also cause loss of memory and make intelligence reduce.

4.     Contacting with cold weather

During winter, your skin will become bad because it is affected by elements in house and outside. Cold wind and low temperature can make skin dry. Hot temperature in room (because of regulator or heater) can make skin lose moisture. It’s very important for you to use a best moisturizer. You should use it regularly and sufficiently.

7 Habits That Can Easily Make You Become Old Early

In winter, it’s very important for you to use a best moisturizer.

5.     Not getting enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep will make you feel unpleasant. In addition, this thing will be expressed on your face. Your image will be very bad when your face is inflamed, eyes are red. To adults, the best way is that they need to sleep 8-9 hours/night.

To adults, the best way is that they need to sleep 8-9 hours/night.

6.     Stress

Stress and worry will make you frown. Practicing some technologies such as relaxing and getting it to your daily habit are very important. You should study the way that pays attention to the positive things and practice relaxing with face muscles.

7.     Using wine

All of us can know or witness someone that has red face, and their face is considerably swells after drunkenness. Wine can make small blood vessels in skin stretch. This thing will increase the circulation of blood near the surface of skin. In a long time, with the repetition, blood vessels can be damaged eternally. This damage can make your skin become red, and the brown spots will appear.

Drinking wine can also affect your skin.

Besides avoiding 7 above things, you should create the habit of drinking a lot of water every day.

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