9 Effective Ways To Prevent Dry Skin

Adhere to these nine strategies to prevent dry skin most effectively as well as to moisturize skin.

Women’s fear of a rough skin appears when the dry season comes. Dry skin does not only get on lady’s nerves, reduce smooth and brightness of the skin, but will also leave wrinkles after every dry season.

The phenomenon of dry and cracked skin is due to the dehydration of skin; this leads to versatility loss, scaly appearance and even itch.

1.        Don’t take a bath with too hot water

It’s so disastrous to take a dip in a hot tub in dry weather condition as this will make your skin become visibly cracked and cause skin moisture loss. Instead, you should take a shower under fairly warm water. Not too hot and even little cold water would keep your skin firm and smooth.

2.        Restrict washing hands or taking shower with soap

You shouldn’t wash your hand or take a bath with soap. You should instead use body shampoo or gel hand wash that contains skin care ingredients, as soap may contain ingredients that make your skin become rough and aging. You really shouldn’t use soap unless you have no other products.

3.        Use humidifiers

Use modifier to add moisture to your room

Add moisture to your room and give your skin a healthy atmosphere by using humidifier. Put this humidifier in your bedroom because while you’re sleeping, your skin automatically absorb moisture that helps it become fresh and soft. It’s sure that a healthy skin will help you wake up cheerful every morning.

4.        Drink plenty of water

Dry skin can also be a sign of dehydrated body. Therefore, to keep your body and skin hydrated, you should drink plenty of water and never let yourself get thirsty throughout the day.

This would be so harmful, as it prevents supplying water to your body and thus causes dry mouth, dry skin. You can also add more water by eating water-rich foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

5.        Use facial masks regularly

Using moisturizing mask is a great way to keep your skin moisturized in dry season. You should, one or twice a week, use masks from fruits such as: avocado, olive oil, banana, yogurt, honey…. These ingredients are known for containing moisturizing substance that helps your skin withstand dry weather condition. One of the best and easiest moisturizing formulas we’ll mention later will surprise you: Mix an egg yolk with two tablespoons of olive oil, then apply the mixture on your face in about ten minutes and wash with warm water.

Use facial mask regularly to keep your skin moisturized

6.        Treat skin diseases

If you’re facing some skin diseases like psoriasis, long-lasting dry skin…., then you should look to experts or your doctors to get advice for medical treatment. It may take a long time for fully recover but it’s certainly that you can limit disease development.

7.        Don’t forget your lips

Lips easily get cracked, particularly in dry season, so it’s necessary to use lip balm regularly to maintain essential moisture. Be noted that you absolutely shouldn’t lick your lips or eat foods that are too hot as this will hurt the thin skin on your lips.

8.        Exfoliate skin

Your skin tends to become more sensitive in dry season, so we need to set a regime to exfoliate in the most reasonable way. A good regime would include one time a week. Especially, if your skin is too dry, after exfoliating, you need to boost collagen in skin to help it moist, fresh and prevent skin peeling.

A good regime is to exfoliate skin once a week

9.        Fresh Collagen Essence

Recently, ladies have got a number of ways to boost collagen in skin such as: Collagen Drinks, Yogurt Collagen, Collagen Mask, and Collagen Shampoo…. But among these products, Collagen Essence is used the most. Every drop of Collagen Essence is easily and gently absorbed deep into skin. This helps improve your skin, fade wrinkles and reduce skin aging.