6 Simple Ways To Supplement Collagen

Collagen plays an important role of keeping the skin firm and supple. It’s also considered to be a mattress of skin.

Collagen accounts for approximately 70% of skin structure and mostly allocated in the dermis of the skin. It connects cells, stimulates metabolic process and creates skin elasticity.

If there’s a decline in the quality and quantity of collagen in your skin, as a result, your skin starts to age. And the changes on your skin or on your face are more noticeable, such as:  skin starts to get dried; wrinkles appear firstly from lines on the corners of the eyes or mouth and then become deep wrinkles; facial contours begin to sag, make us look older than we really are. So, how to stop this situation? Here are some simple ways to supplement collagen for the skin.

1.        Eat dark green vegetables

6 Simple Ways To Supplement Collagen

Dark green vegetables are the most nutritious vegetables, an important source to supply collagen for out body

These are usually the most nutritious vegetables, an important source to supply collagen for our body. Using these vegetables every day, agents contained in the vegetables help promote the process of collagen production. Some vegetables you can use like: asparagus, broccoli, spinach. These vegetables not only help to produce collagen but also help our body use it more efficient.

2.        Increase using products that made from soy milk

A soy-rich diet (soy milk, soy cheese and other soy-made products that contain Genistein – a kind of compound that helps produce collagen and against skin aging) can help skin keep on producing collagen as usual.

3.        Foods rich in Omega-3

Description: Salmon is one of the most Omega 3 rich foods

Salmon is one of the most Omega 3 rich foods

Supplementing Omega-3 fatty acids will help the skin look suppler. Omega-3 is found rich in salmon and other fish oil such as sardines, mackerel, herring… These fish oils will help reduce skin inflammation. According the dermatologist of American Academic of Dermatology, the inflammation – which cannot be seen on the surface – will speed up the collagen break. So eating salmon will prevent infection and protect your collagen.

4.        Garlic – An indispensable spice of skin

Garlic contains Sulfur, an essential factor that participates in the process of producing collagen. Garlic also contains a large amount of lipoic acid and taurine, which are essential for rebuilding damaged collagen. So, when you cook soup, pasta, meat or stir-fry dishes, don’t forget to add some garlic.

5.        Fruits rich in vitamin C

Description: Blueberry


Regularly supplement vitamin C into your body will not only help you avoid flu or other blood diseases caused by lacking of vitamin C, but also be a very essential factor revolve in creating collagen and increase the level of antioxidants in the body.

Vitamin C is found rich in water-rich fruits such as blueberries, cherries, tomatoes… You should add these fruits into your daily diet to maintain a youthful skin.

6.        Red-colored foods

Description: Red bell pepper

Red bell pepper

Red-colored vegetables or fruits are considered to contain a lot of lycopene. Besides, they also contain antioxidants, which help increase collagen and combat signs of aging. Beet and red bell peppers are the two that can be easily found and used regularly in daily diet.