5 of Gemma Arterton’s Best Makeup and Skin Secrets

British actress and ‘Bond’ girl Gemma Arterton is down-to-earth yet beautiful and when she’s on the red carpet, she always looks stunning. Preferring to place an emphasis on her eyes, she loves a dramatic eyeliner or smoky makeup for big events. When it comes to looking after her skin, Gemma has picked up some top tips to keep her visage looking youthful and fresh, and her biggest secret is a special collagen cream that she frequently applies to her face. She also loves natural oils and loves retro inspired beauty looks. 

  1. She Uses Collagen Cream

Gemma restores her collagen with a special cream: “I use collagen cream. This is a really recent thing, like in the last six months. My facialist told me that when you’re around 25, you stop making collagen — or the production slows down. Collagen is what keeps your skin plump. I use this cream that’s pure collagen, like a sea-based collagen, and I put it on. It’s like food!”