5 Stars Who Enjoy Playing the Villain

Playing the role of the villain can’t be easy as it just seems to go against human nature to be cruel, but these 5 stars enjoyed taking on that evil personality and trying to also understand the human side of their mean character. Believing that taking on a villain is actually quite an interesting task or even just fun, these 5 stars have spoken on trying their hand at being the antagonist on the big screen.

Benedict Cumberbatch


Benedict turned evil for his part in ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ and says he had a lot of fun figuring out his character:  “It was important for me to understand him. He’s sociopathic and does terrible things, but is he a terrorist? Or is he a freedom fighter? Is he justified for the havoc that he wreaks? Is he fighting for a cause? He’s incredibly ambiguous. His intentions are morally based. I loved playing those ambiguities.”

James Franco

James took on the part of Gator in ‘Homefront’ because he thought it would be fun to be a baddie: “My first reaction was that this could be fun. I saw the character and I thought I could do something with this, and I think it could be a villain that wouldn’t just be a cardboard villain.”