5 Celebrities Who Try to Have Normal Lives Despite Fame

Not wanting their lives to become overrun by their fame, these 5 celebrities have done their best to have normal, everyday lives. Still wanting to be able to pick up their own groceries or drop their kids to school themselves, these stars have made an effort to avoid the spotlight and crowds of fans, hoping to keep their personal lives as normal as possible. Here is what they’ve said on the subject.

Benedict Cumberbatch


Benedict is still often able to do everyday things on his own: “I do go around on a motorbike quite a lot with a helmet, and that’s quite anonymous…When I go shopping, I don’t sort of send minions out and sit at home at the top of a tall ivory tower with guns pointed at the street… I’ve tried not to adapt my life too much, you know. I value my privacy. I value quiet time. And I value sort of having space to think on my own and not feel too self conscious.”