5 Stars Who Believe Wardrobe is Important to Get Into Character

Kerry Washington

Kerry is known for her perfectly polished character, Olivia Pope, in ‘Scandal’ and she says clothes, especially shoes, help her know who her character is: “Shoes are really important to finding the character, because once I know how the woman walks, then I know a lot more about her. We really gravitate towards these platform heels.”

Kit Harington

Kit likes to be involved in the costume creation because he uses it to get into character: “I always love costume, and I’m always heavily involved in how things should look. Or how they should feel really, because that’s part of the way I suppose I get into character in some ways. It’s a lot about costume.”

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett believes costumes are so important because she feels like she’s stepping into another person: “Costumes are an integral part of getting into character, because you’re leaving yourself and literally slipping into someone else’s clothes. On The Other Boleyn Girl, half of getting into the character was squeezing myself into those restrictive costumes. I could feel every muscle contracting, which really worked for the character.”