5 Stars Who Believe Wardrobe is Important to Get Into Character

To be a good actor or actress, it’s important to not only become the character from within, but to also look like the character from the outside, and appearances help the audience understand the type of person the character in question is. These 5 stars say clothing and costumes are vital when it comes to creating their on-screen persona and they use their character’s wardrobes to get a better idea of the kind of person they’re playing. 

Amy Adams


Amy had to wear sexy 70s clothes for her part in ‘American Hustle’. She said about the wardrobe: “I would not wear most of those clothes in real life. There’s just not enough double-sided tape to take me through my life as a mom with those V-necks. It was really fun to wear and get to play a character who was empowered in those clothes. You have to have a laissez-faire attitude about it.”

Cameron Diaz

For ‘The Other Woman’, Cameron was dressed very differently from her usual style and says it helped her take on the role: “I wanted Carly’s look to be really put together, you know: she curls her hair, she gets her nails done, she puts her make-up on, she puts her outfits together. That is not at all like me! I am not that person on a daily basis, but that’s the fun thing about creating characters. You can really say a lot in the wardrobe, and with the hair and make-up. You can tell a whole story with fashion.”