Scarlett Johansson’s Top Makeup Application Tips & Secrets


Scarlett Johansson has shared some of her best makeup application tips and secrets for the red carpet and everyday casual use too. Scarlett believes any good makeup look is “about balance” and it depends on the mood you’re trying to create. She says everything can work, from simple minimalism to full-on glamour:

“It’s all about balance, and that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to choose one thing over the other. Sometimes it’s nice just to be minimal and be fresh, and other times you can wear a red dress and red lipstick and it looks great.”

Sharing her top tips for creating the perfect smoky eye, Scarlett advises using a dry brush for an overall “softer” finish, while wet brushes make the colour more defined and sharp:

“Use your brushes dry if you want colour to be softer. Or wet your brushes if you want defined colour. I go through periods where I like to apply everything with a brush-the trick is to make sure they are really clean.”

Her secret for making a colourful lipstick even more dramatic is to apply a highlighter all around the lips to make them stand out even further:

“Some people put a colour corrector around the lips if their lipstick bleeds. If you really want to go for it, rim the lips with a highlighter. That’s very dramatic.”

For everyday, Scarlett doesn’t like to be too fussy and just uses a few makeup basics to highlight her natural beauty:

“I’m not particularly high maintenance. Day to day, I like to wear some sort of tinted moisturiser, mascara, and maybe a bronzer.”