5 Stars Comment on Their Oscar Snubs

With the 2014 Oscar nominations just announced, we take a look back at some of the most famous Oscar snubs, including one film snub from this year which wasn’t given the deserving nod expected. Commenting on being left out when they felt they deserved at least a nomination for their work, these 5 stars have commented on the Academy’s choice not to include their work or performance.

Ben Affleck


Ben’s ‘Argo’ was not nominated in the Best Director category. He commented: “I’m thrilled and honored that the academy nominated me as a producer of the movie, I know our movie, we’re a little bit underdog and a little bit the little engine that could, and you take me out of it maybe helps. … It’s just about that picture. I feel like it’s OK, I’m really lucky, I’m in a good place.” Argo marked Affleck’s third outing as a director of a movie. He said that Saturday’s award win doesn’t make him “a real director” but added “I think it means I’m on my way.”